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How to own a virtual office in Dubai?

Dubai is the most preferred destination for many foreign investors who want to open their business in an international location. The UAE is a prolific business hub and several foreign companies have their branch offices set up here. Considering the start-up and international business growth in the city, the concept of virtual office in Dubai is being implemented by several businesses who are seeking to have a presence here.

virtual office in Dubai

There are several consultants who can help the foreign investors in setting up a virtual office in Dubai and also with the free zones to set up their business. In order to enter the UAE market, you can completely depend on their services and they will expedite the process. A virtual office solves many of the problems for your business and also helps in cost cutting. You can gain complete remote access of your business in the UAE from anywhere in the world.

What is a virtual office in Dubai?

The virtual office is a type of business address for foreign investors and gives the same benefits as the brick and mortar office at a much lower cost. A virtual office will enable the owner (s) to work remotely and without being physically present in the UAE branch office. This set up also enables the employees to work remotely. However, the business owner may choose to appoint another person to carry out certain activities, like attending phone calls and handling mails. Entrepreneurs and start-ups can take assistance of consultants for company registration; some even offer complete virtual office solutions to their clients.

How to get a virtual office in Dubai?

Many foreign investors are caught in a dilemma when it comes to deciding about setting up a virtual office or a traditional office in Dubai. The main purpose is to create a presence in the UAE market and both these options are quite viable for that. However, a virtual office is easier to set up in Dubai as it requires the owners to register their company with the help of company registration agents. Typically, a contract is signed and then the virtual office is obtained.

Advantages of Virtual office in Dubai

Opening a virtual office in Dubai has several advantages and one of the most important is being able to access the related services and be part of the economic boom that the city is currently experiencing. Nonetheless, there are some points to consider when opening a virtual office. These are highlighted below:

  1. You will need a physical address in Dubai mainland or a free zone so that the virtual office setup can be completed.
  2. You will need a local phone number for your employee or business partners if any so that your potential clients can reach you.
  3. You can also set up conventional and electronic mail services through the virtual office.
  4. Through the virtual office you can also collect your bank statements.
  5. There are certain features that allow you to book virtual conference rooms on prior notification.

With a virtual office, you can avoid renting office equipment and need not pay maintenance costs for the office. Other savings can be in the form of avoiding the need of relocating office personnel to Dubai. Given all these benefits, a virtual office in Dubai makes a lot of sense.

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Virtual Office Space for All Your Business Requirements

Looking to build a professional image for your startup business and do not know how to do this without spending a lot? We tell you. You do not need to invest any money in leasing or buying actual office premises. Simply, opt for a virtual office and experience that corporate setup without investing any huge sum. Instead of booking an office space, hiring a receptionist, investing in purchasing office equipment, phone, furniture, and fax machines, opting for a virtual office will save your large sums and also efforts.

Every company that has a proper office, communication system, and other setup is viewed as a legitimate business unit by others. However, the monthly expenses of operating a complete office setup are often too high, one that cannot easily be afforded by a startup company. But with a virtual office, you can do away with such worries of high expenses and too many hirings. Even if you are just initiating your project, a virtual office offers you a cheap and best option for operating your business.

By spending a minimal amount each day, you can get all the utilities that you require in a business set up- a professional receptionist; air conditioning, water, and electricity facility; mail management system; printing, copying, and scanning facility; internet and IT support; and more. This is an exceptional remedy for all those who are just starting out or for those who want to keep their operational costs low.

A virtual office also plays a worthy role in the process of establishing business credit. Instead of using their residential address as the company’s mailing address, one can simply use their virtual office address.

Mentioned below are a few major benefits of using a virtual office.

  • Dedicated phone line number. A local area fixed line number is highly essential to help garner more number of local customers easily. It appears more personalized and trustworthy to the locally situated clients in comparison to a number with an unrecognizable area code.
  • Professional receptionist. If you have a professional receptionist who can answer your phone calls, it will speak volumes about your business and its operations. It will give out a professional image about your business concern which is essential for attracting customers.
  • Corporate mailing address. A proper commercial mailing address is a highly important element if you are looking to build credit for your business. For instance, lenders can easily identify the location and operations of a business with a corporate mailing address.
  • IT supports. Good IT support is essential for ensuring that your business remains up to date in light of all the technological evolutions that take place. You can get the services of experts without having to spend a lot of money in hiring them.
  • Furnished office space. A virtual office provides you the convenience of not having to buy or rent the furniture from the outside. This also offers you the ease to expand at any time when required. This way you also save a lot of your money that you would otherwise have to spend on purchasing or renting the furniture.

These are a few major ways in which you can benefit from virtual office space. However, do the necessary research to find a provider of the same as you cannot change your business premises every second day. Find a company that can offer you reliable virtual office solution based on your requirements and budget.

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