Factors to Keep In Mind While Booking a Meeting Room

Are you looking for meeting rooms in Dubai?

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Meeting rooms are now seen as a great business culture in the corporate world. The idea behind the construction of meeting rooms is to expand the growth and productivity in a development phase by offering entrepreneurs and potential investors an environment to have meetings without being distracted with outside forces.

Meetings room is the perfect source for startup companies who have recently joined the business culture and don’t have adequate office space to invite people in large numbers for discussing important information and data with clients and investors. These are like conference rooms equipped with overhead projectors, furniture, effective sound system, stage lighting, laptop, screen, high-tech AV system, white and blackboards, duster, marker, IP video conference system, voltage, printer, and fast internet access. There are different layouts of meeting rooms such as U-shape, classroom, cabaret, boardroom, banquet, etc. that one can look while arranging business meetings.

Attending business meetings is an important aspect in the corporate sector and every organization, whether a big firm or a small one needs to arrange or go on business meetings where future business prospects are being discussed with potential clients and investors. If such activities are done in a busy environment lacking proper space, the right tools, and the technicians handling the technical department, then the results it will bring will be disappointing.

What things to consider in a meeting room?

There are various companies offering office space for attending business meetings. To ease the finding process, one should consider the following points while considering the services of meeting rooms to select the best one.

  • Location – While looking into the services of meeting rooms, one should not compromise on the location factor because a far off place will create difficulty for people to reach on time. Make sure that the location is fulfilled with access to public transport like the metro so that one can easily commute to the destination without getting troubled in navigating the place.
  • Advance booking – One should invest in the services of those meeting rooms that can be booked in advance, so there is no future inconvenience regarding its availability. Also, their services should allow you to cancel the bookings at short notice and make refunds without ignoring your calls and messages.
  • Cost – The price of meeting rooms depends on the requirements of people and the place they have selected for conducting business meetings. While booking a meeting room, one should pay for the services being offered by meeting room rentals. There is no point in paying a large sum of money for insufficient facilities.

If you are in the search of meeting rooms in Dubai, then invest in the meetings room services that help you to accomplish the purpose of the business meeting in an environment with all the necessary tools and equipment at an affordable budget.

When and Why Do You Need Pro Services?

Dubai’s economy is stable and stronger than ever before, making Dubai an ideal income-tax-free location to set up a business or open a branch of an existing company. However, the documentation task in Dubai is not easy, especially due to the language barrier. Even though the Dubai government has made procedures quite simple and easier by implementing smart electronic and online systems; yet few things may baffle entrepreneurs, startup owners, and businessmen.

Additional to the governmental scrutiny and document clearance are also required as Dubai acknowledges all aspects of viability and has strict safety measures. When you are from another country, tampering with government work, such as official certification, ministry approval, judicial legalization, or embassy acknowledgment from the embassy or other government or semi-government, can be very frustrating and exhausting. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about it. You can get all the work done with the least hassles by hiring public relationship officer services in Dubai. 

Pro Services to Start a Business in Dubai

Many people confuse PRO services with professional services. On the contrary, PRO is an acronym used for Public Relations Officer. A PRO is mainly responsible for document clearance procedures. The document clearance procedure is to get approval or certification from the legislative departments. It encompasses a range of documentation work, including the processing of employment visa, immigration card, labor card, spouse or family visa, and renewal of all these documents as and when needed.

Responsibilities of PRO in Document Clearance

A PRO helps companies and entities in various kinds of work, such as:

Arranging visit visa and extension, registration of a new trade license and renewal, attestation of documents, and processing of documents from Dubai Municipality, Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Economic Department, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign, Ministry of Justice, and relevant ministries 

Why do companies need PRO services? 

A company needs PRO services for various reasons. like:

1. In Dubai, employers and business owners need to provide residency visas to the employees being hired from outside of the UAE. A UAE residency visa includes employee’s passport and individual details, title, position in the company, residency number, and expiration date of the visa. Companies rely on PRO service providers to get visas and meet visa-related obligations. 

2. Emirates ID is simply an identification proof with a magnetic chip. Important details such as date of birth, passport number, passport size photo, and the provided residency number are embedded into this id. To acquire Emirates ID, companies hire PRO services for hassle-free execution. 

3. Another essential document is the labor contract. The employer and employee sign a mutual contract as required by the law, stating the contract procedures of employees are guided by the law. A PRO drafts and processes the Labor Contract, thus, making things faster and easier for the employer. In short, a PRO service provider takes care of all your governmental needs, legal issues, and clearance of any document related to business setup and helps you focus on other important things.

UAE Free Zone Company Setup Benefits, Top Free Zones and Their Main Licensed Activities

With 40+ free zones, UAE has built a specific commercial hub for each free zone. Choosing one of the many free zones, each with its attractive features and benefits can be a stressful task. However, with business consultants specialized for free zone company setup, you can avoid all the hassles and choose the best according to your requirements. They help you with all stages, right from creating a solid business plan to marketing.

There is also a misconception among people for free zone companies. Many confuse free zone companies with offshore companies. Despite many similarities, both are completely different types of companies with different regulations and benefits.

Every free zone is governed by an independent Free Zone Authority (FZA), responsible for issuing business operating licenses and regulating the activities of companies running within the free zone. 

The reason behind the popularity of free zone company setup is a long list of benefits that (mostly) are not available with mainland company setups.

Here is a list of a few benefits that you can enjoy in free zones:

  • 100% foreign ownership – no sponsor or local partner is required.
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits –  freedom to send your full capital and profit to your own country back
  • 100% tax exemption on corporate and personal income – no need to pay taxes on the income you earn at the personal and corporate level.
  • Absence of currency restrictions – no need to follow foreign exchange regulations
  • Wide range of licensable activities – freedom to choose from several business activities
  • Inexpensive and abundant energy – you will save on and won’t face issues related to electricity
  • Excellent communication network – please elaborate, which kind of communications are we talking about
  • Logistic efficiency – you won’t face difficulties in import, export, and shipping related activities
  • Serviced desks and offices – fully (and partially) furnished business facilities for SMEs and startups          
  • Excellent support services – your issues will be addressed and resolved quickly
  • Hassle-free registration – takes up to only three days
  • Easy employee hiring process – no restriction on hiring expats
  • Liberal visa regulations – you can easily avail residency visa for you and your family, and can also sponsor (limited number) employees

The type of business activity (you are planning to do) has a major influence on which free zone options you have.

The top free zones and their main license activities are as follows:

  • Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA): Trading, General Trading, Logistics, Service, and Industrial
  • Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC): Commodities Trade and Exchange
  • Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC): Legal, Banking and Financial Services
  • Dubai World Central (DWC): Aviation, Ancillary, Logistics, and Light Industry
  • Dubai Media City (DMC): include example
  • Dubai Internet City (DIC): Internet and Communications, Technology
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO): Information Technology, Telecom, Electronics, and Engineering
  • Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP): Training, Personal Development, and Human Resource Management
  • Dubai Healthcare City (DHC): Medical Education and Research, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Equipment
  • Ras-Al-Khaimah (RAK): Service, General Trading, Trading, Industrial, and Educational
  • Fujairah Creative City (FCC): Media, Consulting, Communications, Design, and Technology

This is just the beginning. There are endless possibilities and opportunities when it comes to free zone company setup

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