Services Offered by Business consultants in Dubai

The onset of technology and the Internet of Things has opened upinternational investment opportunities and global markets that would otherwise remain unexploited such as; Dubai. Dubai is an economically and politically stable Arab nation that continues to attract foreign investors hailing from all corners of the globe due to its favorable business setup and operations regulations. In light of this, most foreign investors arrive to Dubai with a clear definition of their business goals but lack an understanding of the different business formations and their setup requirements. Hence, the need to work with Dubai business consultants who take you through the different business setup rules and regulations as well as other services such as;

Help in Picking A Business Market

According to the DED (Department of Economic Development), there are over 2000 economic activities that foreign investors can engage in. Conversely, every single economic activity has its unique set of rules and regulations that must be adhered to prior to commencing operations. The most notable regulation is the acquisition of licensure to perform the selected economic activity. A business consultant in Dubai assists with determining the required license type and application procedure in accordance to your business preference.

Trade Name Registration

Trade name registration is a crucial part of the Dubai business setup process because it helps in distinguishing your business from competition. According to the Dubai business setup rules, a trade name should be unique, define the type of economic activity you wish to engage in, and not be blasphemous in nature. Business setup consultants in Dubai help in choosing and registering a morally acceptable trade name that is also compliant with the set DED regulations.

Capital Setup

Foreign investors who prefer to engage in capital associations require guidance on how to create acceptable articles and memorandum of association that clearly denote the minimum shares allotted to business partners as well as the capital designated for business operations. Engaging experienced business setup consultants in Dubai during capital setup ensures that; new capital associations are legally covered should one partner back down at the eleventh hour through setting a mandatory penalty clause.

Visa Assistance

Once you have defined the nature of your Dubai business setup and successfully completed the registration process, you are eligible to apply for an investor visa. Notably, different business formation types allow investors to apply for multiple visa in a bid to sponsor human resources and family members into Dubai. Business consultants in Dubainot only help in understanding the number or types of visa you qualify for but also with the visa application process.


Dubai business setups require a lot of planning and time dedication prior to successful registration. The setup process may be more daunting for foreign investors who do not comprehend the different business setup rules and regulations. However, with assistance from Dubai business consultants, the business registration process becomes easier and faster since all paper work is prepared and filed by professionals.

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