Getting a Co-Working Space in Dubai: Things You Should Know

Dubai being the financial hub of UAE, a number of businesses from all over the world comes to this region to start a business. Now, a number of businesses don’t have deep pockets to invest on a full-fledged office in Dubai. To help them set up a business in the city more convenient and affordable, The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) offers co-working space in any of approved business sustainability center.

What is a Co-working Space and How Does it Work?

In a co-working space, you would be sharing your office space with other employees from other companies. Co-working spaces are cheap rental options. You can reduce the annual cost of having an office for your business by renting a co-working space in Dubai holding Minimum 50Sq. ft with an approved business sustainability center that meets DED Regulations.

Limitations of Co working Space in Dubai

Co-working spaces in Dubai do have certain limitations. A Co-working space is limited to certain kind of business activities only. They are not available for any activities which require bigger office space. You can check the list of permitted activities on co-working space with the DED

Registering your license under Co-working Space

You need to go through the following steps to get a license under co-working space

  1. Choose an approved Business Sustainability Center under any Business Center in Dubai.
  2. Book a Co-working Space with them. Please check the facilities before finalizing
  3. Get an Internal agreement and Tenancy Contract (Ejari) of Business Center which has the co-working space in Dubai.
  4. Submit the agreement to Dubai Economic Department along with Initial Approval of your trade license to obtain your Trade License Copy.

Legal Binding of Co-Working Space

Co-Working Space is a well-recognized space with DED which is built under Business Sustainability Center and has an activity code 701020. It is absolutely legal to hold 50sqft. of space with an approved sustainability center provided that the possession process meets DED regulations.

You can freely enjoy and market the following:

  • Business Centre address
  • Co-working Space
  • Premium location
  • Dedicated switchboard number

Cost of Getting a Co working Space

Co-working space in Dubai is available with Numerous Business center and the cost start from 1800 AED per Month. The actual cost depends on the location. You can have your own dedicated desk of 50sqft. each and also get complete access on the technical support & office amenities available in the Business center.

What is Business Sustainability Center?

A Business sustainability center is an area attached to the business center in Dubai. The Sustainability contains furnished office spaces and also provides you with technical support and office services to create a suitable environment for business practice with total area not less than 2000 Sq. ft.  These centres aim to contribute to the sustainability of business in the Emirates of Dubai.

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