How to Choose Office Space in Dubai for Rent


Starting a new business is always daunting due to the amount of paperwork you must complete and submit to the relevant authorities as well as the need to find the perfect office space size and location. Unlike established businesses, the type of office space in Dubai for rent that business startups opt for can make or break their business. A poor office space puts off prospective clients and your working team as well because the nature of office spaces affects efficiency and productivity. Nobody would like to be associated with a poorly though of office space. Meaning that, choosing the ideal office space in Dubai for rent is of utmost importance at ensuring the success of your business startup in Dubai. So, how do you choose the right office space in Dubai for rent?


Most of the commercial developments in Dubai are within the World Trade Center, the popular Sheikh Zayed Road; the main motorway, and Dubai International Finance Center. In addition, there are specialized commercial areas such as; the internet City, Healthcare City, Dubai Media City, and the Sport City where businesses relating to specific city industries are setup. Evidently, there are numerous office locations in Dubai but that does not mean that all are ideal for your business. Determine your office space in Dubai location based on the nature of the business you intend to carry out. Do you need to move products with ease? Do you need an easy to access location for your prospective clients? Or do you prefer to close proximity to competitors?

Office Size

According to the Dubai Economic Department, the minimum acceptable office space in order to acquire a new trade license is 200 sq. ft. Apart from fulfilling this minimum requirement, it is paramount that businesses acquire enough office room to accommodate their employees and necessary office equipment. Additionally, the office space in Dubai for rent layout should work for your business and the interior décor you have in mind. You should have the freedom to decorate the office space to your liking or in line with your business operations. Remember to check the internal space’s acoustics because echoing office spaces can be uncomfortable and inhabitable.

The Building

Is the building secure for both your employees and clients? Are there security guards manning the reception area? Is the building well-maintained? Does it have adequate parking space? Can you access your office at any time? This are just a few questions to ask yourself before settling on an office space building. Always ensure that the building is secure, clean, well-maintained, and accessible even after office hours. This way, you can work extra hours when need arises without worrying about your security, that of your employees and business infrastructure.


Dubai is the ultimate business setup location that offers access to the entire Middle East market. However, businesses can easily miss out on exploiting the vast market by choosing the wrong office space Dubai for rent. If you can make a perfect choice, seek assistance from business setup experts in Dubai.

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