Reduce the Hassles of Company Formation with PRO Services in Dubai

The business environment in Dubai is booming at the moment. Over the last two decades, Dubai is emerging globally as a business hub with high level of growth in finance & business services, trade & logistics, and the tourism sector. This has attracted and continues to attract a large number of businesses. If you are looking to set up a business in Dubai, then you need to get a few services to facilitate the process. There are a lot of things to do and running through the government office and ministry to complete all the necessary paperwork can be time-consuming. This is where PRO services come into the picture.

What are PRO Services in Dubai?

Every company in Dubai requires a Public Relations Officer or a PRO Services. PRO service agencies and professionals manage all the documentation required by ministries. These include processes like visa application, getting labor cards, trade licensing approvals, etc.

Professional PRO services help you through the procedures and formalities so that you don’t have to deal with hassles. PRO services in Dubai help you to deal with departments like the Department of Economic Development (DED), Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Visa and Immigration Department and the likes. They will give you maximum support for the smooth functioning of setting up a business in Dubai.

Common PRO services

PRO professionals are also known as Government Liaison Officers in Dubai. The most common  PRO services include:

  • Company and branch formation
  • Approval and renewal of trade license
  • Notarization of legal documents
  • Regulatory approvals and NOC letters
  • Annual license renewals and updates
  • Trademark and copyright
  • Resident and employee visa
  • Passport clearance
  • Labor and immigration cards
  • Emirate ID card
  • Offshore & security passes (CICPA)
  • Opening a corporate bank account

Why Does Your Company Need PRO Services?

There are a number of advantages of getting PRO services in Dubai. Some of the biggest advantages include:

It saves time:  PRO services will help you save a lot of time so that you can focus on the business rather than going through the hassles of dealing with government departments.

It helps you to save costs: Outsourcing your PRO services help you to reduce the cost of document processing and clearing. It also eliminates the need of recruiting in-house administrative and PRO professionals.

It reduces the hassles: Professional PRO services can handle everything- right from picking up documents to delivering them to you after clearing them from government authorities. They keep you updated about the progress of the job at each step so that you can stay updated.

If you are looking to get PRO services in Dubai from a reliable company, Get the help that you need from the experts and start your company without any hassles by dealing with processes in a hassle-free manner.

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