A Guide to Shared Office Spaces in Dubai

The demand for flexible workspaces is globally expanding and this could be felt in different markets across the world. In fact, thanks to its immense growth, it can no longer be considered merely as a complementary subsector of the office market.  In Dubai, flexible workspaces are now a fundamental segment of the commercial real estate market.The market of shared office spaces in Dubai, UAE is expected to grow even more in the coming years, as a lot of businesses in the region that are considering shared offices as a convenient and hassle-free solution. Let us know a little more about shared office in Dubai and how it helps your small business.

Shared Office in Dubai

The market in Dubai is generally characterized as being highly trend-driven.  People here are quick to adapt to trends and that drives up the demand for new concepts, and that include shared office in Dubai, UAE. Business owners and their employees like to engage in the newest and most modern workspaces. A large number of start-ups, freelancers and SMEs that are opting for shared office spaces in Dubai as it give the advantages of flexible leasing agreements and the ability to be based out of strategic locations at affordable cost. The development of shared offices in Dubai is especially beneficial to potential business setups that want to ‘feel the water’ before taking on long-term commitments in a building. On top of that, 360-degree lifestyle facilities and convenient extra services make a shared office in Dubai an attractive option.

Why Go for Shared Office in Dubai, UAE?

Shared office spaces are often appealing to employees. This is because it promotes creativity and productivity thanks to compelling design touches. A modern day shared office Dubai not only changes the way offices should look like, but also how employees work.  A shared office in Dubai is perhaps the best choice for freelancers who might be having a difficulty focusing on their work at their home. A flexible workspace serves as a cost-effective solution comes to the rescue.

Freelancers are not the only ones who get to enjoy flexible working hours at shared office in Dubai. There is an increase in the number businesses that offer flexible working hours. Studies show that three in four companies now provide their employees with the option to vary their hours and work from home.  Flexible working is the biggest motivator in boosting productivity among employees. There’s been an increase in the level of customization to capture the growing demand. A shared office transforms the rigid cubicle into a transformative space.

Some of the Advantages of Shared Office in Dubai

Collaboration: Employees want their own personal space to focus on their job, but they also want to collaborate with their fellow colleagues comfortably. A shared office facilitates that.

Open Environment: Cubicles certainly help you feel focused on your individual work. However, in most cases, open environment, are more helpful and conducive for work. Many companies are choosing to create a more open environment by picking customizable cubicles with lower walls or even removing dividers altogether.

Multifunctional space: A Shared office gives you access to spaces with multiple functionalities that allow for freer movement and better choice throughout the day.


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