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All You Need to Know About Executive Room

Zones Dubai Free Zones are fast growing into popularity as a preferred location for business setup in Dubai. There are many benefits such as lots of options when it comes to office space. Executive room is one of the options for office space, but is the best in many ways.

 What is executive room all about? What are the benefits for a business? Criteria need to follow? And how to get an executive room, this blog will deal with everything you need to know if you are going to setup a business in one of the free zones of Dubai.

What is an executive room?

From the above, you know that most free zones in Dubai offer a number of options. From flexi desk, co-workings spaces to the most sought-after executive rooms, options for office space around here in Dubai.

Executive rooms come with all the amenities that you would expect in a modern office. In fact, they can offer you more than what you can expect from a modern office.

Some of the facilities offered include:

  • Completely dedicated office space
  • Internet connectivity
  • Front office and reception support
  • Dedicated phone lines
  • Valid UAE address that would be used only by you

Choosing an executive room

There is no single fixed rule you need to follow in order to get an executive room for your office. You need to contact free zone authority to explore the options available or hire a good business setup partner in Dubai like Virtual office that not only helps businesses get the right space in free zone but also with other things crucial to setting up a business in Dubai.

One important thing to know is that cost varies from one free zone to another. So, it is better you check for the cost with more than one free zone so you choose the best one for the best price.

Usually, executive room is one of the most expensive options available, there are ways you can find the one for a cost most competitive, and for that, Virtualoffice, a leading business set up company in Dubai can help you. Like getting license for business in Dubai, you will need some documents. Get to know about what documents are required in order to get the space in free zone and gather all of them. If you take the help of a business set up company, you can discuss with it over requirements for getting executive rooms in Dubai free zones.

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