Things to consider while renting serviced offices in Dubai

Home to many conglomerates and business centers, Dubai is a favorite among entrepreneurs and business tycoons. From rental offices to shared to coworking office space, you can get everything in Dubai when it comes to offices.

Since owning an office may not be a feasible option for everyone, shared office spaces can be the best budget option to get started with the business in Dubai. So, what are the criteria to look for a coworking space or serviced offices on rent in Dubai?


From 100% of company ownership to no currency restrictions, zero corporation, income, and personal tax, Dubai is favorite in SMEs and startups.

Dubai has opened its doors to all the businesses and has many properties dedicated to shared office spaces and serviced offices.

World Trade Centre, Dubai International Finance Centre, Deira, and Sheikh Zayed Road are few of the popular commercial centers in Dubai. Dubai also has committed areas like Dubai Media City, Internet City, Healthcare City, and Sports City for every type of business.

Most of these commercial areas are well-connected with public transportation for easy access. Some of these are also close to residential areas.

Apart from this, keep in mind the size of the office. 200 sq. ft is the minimum size of the office, and 70 sq. ft per person is the norm for office set-up in Dubai as issued by the Dubai Economic Department (DED).


Depending upon your business, you might need added amenities in your service office. Most of the serviced office on rent in Dubai provides basic amenities, including meal rooms, restrooms, parking, meeting rooms, security, and maintenance services.

Some serviced offices also offer showers on-site, gym facilities, and special services for disabled people. You can also check upon the availability of Wi-Fi and internet services, reception, and administrational assistance as per your requirements.

Many instant offices are known for their quick office solutions and can accommodate most requests, for one person to hundreds and more. Expert business support providers can help you select the best serviced office on rent in Dubai for your business.

The Rent

One can indeed get a serviced office on rent in Dubai for as low as AED 2000. And there are luxurious offices available for AED 9000 to AED 10000 monthly.

The rent of a serviced office in Dubai depends upon the location, amenities, size, and existing infrastructure of the commercial property. Many shared offices on rent in Dubai also offer pay-as-you-use system with flexible rates. This also helps reduce additional costs, especially when you’re a startup.

You know what kind of rental agreement will best suit your business. Professionals can help you identify and avoid hidden clauses that may surface later on in the rental contract that you might miss. Look out for professionals that also take care of your PO Box address in UAE and provide Ejari service as well.

Along with refundable deposit and rents, keep additional costs like set-up costs, transport options, etc. in factor while considering costs.

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If you’re planning to get a serviced office on rent in Dubai, or simply require more information, Virtual Office can help you find answers and provide expert business solutions.

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