Important Things to Remember About VAT Registration in UAEVAT Registration in UAE

is mandatory for companies and individuals who are conduct business in the UAE. If your business has an annual turnover of more than AED 375,000, then you need to go for VAT Registration in UAE. UAE has implemented the Value Added Tax regime with effect from 1st January 2018. All companies / individuals that come under above threshold limit will have to go through VAT registration in UAE on or before 31st December 2017.

VAT Registration in the UAE is an online process which can be completed by anyone on the UAE Federal Tax Authority’s online portal. Before proceeding for VAT registration, you should consider various aspects such as whether to register as voluntary option or mandatory option, or whether to register as a Tax Group or a Standalone etc.  You can deal with VAT registration in UAE you can visit

Documents required for VAT Registration in UAE:

Before applying for VAT Registration in, you would need to prepare the following documents. You would need to upload the soft copies of the documents should also be uploaded along with the application.

  • Documents identifying the authorized signatory e.g. passport copy, Emirates ID
  • Trade license copy of the company
  • Other official documents authorizing the entity/individual to conduct activities within the UAE e.g. certificate of incorporation, articles of association, power of attorney etc.
  • Description of business activities
  • Turnover for the last 12 months in AED
  • Supporting document for 12-month sales
  • Expected turnover in next 30 days
  • Estimated value of imports for one year from each GCC countries
  • Estimated value of exports for one year to each GCC countries
  • Whether you expect to deal with GCC suppliers or customers
  • Supporting documents for customs registration in each Emirates if applicable.
  • Details of Bank Account

Exemptions from VAT Registration in UAE

The UAE government has mentioned that certain things like health, education, bicycles, and social services would be exempted registering as they don’t have to pay Value Added Tax in UAE.Sectors that would be taxed under the Value Added Taxinclude various ones such as Electronics, smart phones, cars, jewelry, watches, restaurants and certain other products and services fall under the taxed category for VAT in Dubai. The government is also expected to introduce excise duties on certain beverages that are deemed to be harmful to health

Potential Impact of VAT

If you are involved in the supply of goods or services that are subject to VAT you will be entitled to reclaim the VAT that you incur on costs. VAT would still be an additional cost to your business, as suppliers will charge VAT which you cannot reclaim

VAT is the tax on consumption and is levied on the price that the customer at each level pays for the product. Therefore, it is expected that prices will increase as they would include VAT as well. However, it is the sellers who would determine the price of their goods/services. The price you ask should be inclusive of Value Added Tax.

If you want to more information on VAT Registration in UAE and want expert guidance on how to deal with it, We would help you register for VAT, get VAT certificate and all the other things related to VAT and allied matters. So, contact us today and get the help that you need.

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