When and Why Do You Need Pro Services?


Dubai’s economy is stable and stronger than ever before, making Dubai an ideal income-tax-free location to set up a business or open a branch of an existing company. However, the documentation task in Dubai is not easy, especially due to the language barrier. Even though the Dubai government has made procedures quite simple and easier by implementing smart electronic and online systems; yet few things may baffle entrepreneurs, startup owners, and businessmen.

Additional to the governmental scrutiny and document clearance are also required as Dubai acknowledges all aspects of viability and has strict safety measures. When you are from another country, tampering with government work, such as official certification, ministry approval, judicial legalization, or embassy acknowledgment from the embassy or other government or semi-government, can be very frustrating and exhausting. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about it. You can get all the work done with the least hassles by hiring public relationship officer services in Dubai. 

Pro Services to Start a Business in Dubai

Many people confuse PRO services with professional services. On the contrary, PRO is an acronym used for Public Relations Officer. A PRO is mainly responsible for document clearance procedures. The document clearance procedure is to get approval or certification from the legislative departments. It encompasses a range of documentation work, including the processing of employment visa, immigration card, labor card, spouse or family visa, and renewal of all these documents as and when needed.

Responsibilities of PRO in Document Clearance

A PRO helps companies and entities in various kinds of work, such as:

Arranging visit visa and extension, registration of a new trade license and renewal, attestation of documents, and processing of documents from Dubai Municipality, Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Economic Department, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign, Ministry of Justice, and relevant ministries 

Why do companies need PRO services? 

A company needs PRO services for various reasons. like:

1. In Dubai, employers and business owners need to provide residency visas to the employees being hired from outside of the UAE. A UAE residency visa includes employee’s passport and individual details, title, position in the company, residency number, and expiration date of the visa. Companies rely on PRO service providers to get visas and meet visa-related obligations. 

2. Emirates ID is simply an identification proof with a magnetic chip. Important details such as date of birth, passport number, passport size photo, and the provided residency number are embedded into this id. To acquire Emirates ID, companies hire PRO services for hassle-free execution. 

3. Another essential document is the labor contract. The employer and employee sign a mutual contract as required by the law, stating the contract procedures of employees are guided by the law. A PRO drafts and processes the Labor Contract, thus, making things faster and easier for the employer. In short, a PRO service provider takes care of all your governmental needs, legal issues, and clearance of any document related to business setup and helps you focus on other important things.

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