Why Co-working Space Dubai is Perfect for Millennial Employees


Globally, millennials make up the largest workforce percentage. Evidently, there is a high number of Indian millennial workers in Dubai alone. Though millennial employees were once viewed as lazy, entitled, and narcissistic, they have proven themselves to be highly valuable at collaborating and innovating as compared to previous generations. However, they have varying work values and beliefs that are changing the working culture. For instance, millennials have reconsidered the 40-hour work week but are always willing to put in extra work hours when working on long projects. Additionally, they have defied the idea of being in an office setting all day even after the day’s work is done. They have a strong insistence on schedule flexibility that makes co-working space Dubai the ideal choice for millennial employees. Here is why;


The freedom offered by co-working spaces Dubai make them an attractive option for millennial workers. In co-working spaces, workers are free to come and go as per their schedule and liking. For a generation that values work/life balance and personal time more, millennial workers only focus on work when they feel it makes sense. As such, the co-working environment supports work/life balance and personal time making it the perfect workplace model that motivates millennials to work efficiently and be more productive.

Consistent innovation

Apart from guaranteeing freedom and flexibility, co-working space Dubai fosters collaboration which is yet another millennial value. Co-working spaces bring people from different areas of expertise, work disciplines, and experience levels together resulting in collaborations and ultimately, consistent innovations. This a benefit unique to co-working spaces Dubai because regular office settings or work from home arrangements bar workers from interacting with other like-minded individuals and professionals outside their areas for expertise for collaborations and innovations.


Businesses have been open to explore unconventional workforce structures that utilize more remote workers, consultants, and freelance workers. The regular remote and freelance workers typically work from home offices. However, since the millennial generation has been reluctant to explore the housing/ rental markets and prefer to stay in their parent’s/ childhood homes, they barely have space for home offices. This leaves co-working spaces as the main and only option for millennials due to affordability as compared to renting traditional office spaces.

Summary Co-working spaces Dubai are the ideal choice for millennial employees because they accord them the freedom and flexibility they yearn for while encouraging interactions and collaborations with experts from other professions. As such, all business formations seeking to work with millennials,

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